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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tip #5: Hip 2 Save

Christmas shopping is one of the number one times that we momma's need to be saving our money! This is the season of spending, but if we do our research, it can also become a season of saving.

Don't forget heading into the holiday season to be using Retail Me Not. Try not to purchase anything online without checking for coupon codes there first! And remember momma's, price compare, price compare, price compare! I'll often have 3-5 shopping carts open with the same items in them from different shops as I enter coupon codes and promo codes until one of them shows a total price that satisfies me! Being thrifty takes work, but the pay off is worth it.

A great website I stumbled upon this holiday season is Hip 2 Save. Hip 2 Save keeps track of a lot of the current deals in the retail and grocery world and posts them daily for you to take advantage of! You can also sign up for their daily emails that will deliver a list of the best deals right to your inbox. They show you exactly what the deals are, and walk you through step by step as to how to take advantage of them. The images of their shopping carts show you that the deals are legit, so you know you're guaranteed savings.

A couple of my scores from Hip 2 Save so far this holiday season? 20 photo cards printed for $1.54! 2 fabulous toys (worth a combined total of $20) from for $4.99! and a pair of men's pajama pants from Target for only $7.13!

Hip 2 Save also features grocery coupons and deals so that you can save on everyday items as well. Definitely add Hip 2 Save to your list of money saving resources, mommas! This one is tried and true.


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