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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tip #3: Retail Me Not

Hi Readers!
I'm going to connect you with my all time FAVORITE website. It's called Retail Me Not and it is, without a doubt, my best online friend.

Retail Me Not is an online "community" of sorts where people can share their coupon codes! And the great part about it is that it's reliable. Once you've used a coupon, send a little feedback. Let the community know if the coupon worked, when it worked, and how much you saved!

This is an especially great resource for all you smart phone users! (or any web-capable phone) A few times I've been actually standing in line at a store, hopped on Retail Me Not's website... found a coupon right then and there, and recieved savings on something I was already in line to buy... JUST LIKE THAT! I show the clerk the coupon code right there on my phone, and BAM! instant savings without clipping coupons!

Retail Me not is also a great place for diaper codes! Just type in Huggies or Pampers in the search engine, and you'll get diaper codes that users have shared!

I promise that if you start using this site, you'll be HOOKED! Enjoy!


Confessions of a Pipeliners Wife said...

Wow, that sounds awesome! I really have enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to try them out! Come check mine out!

Anonymous said...

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