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Friday, October 22, 2010

Tip #1: Diaper Rewards!!

Hey Mommas!

Time for my first tip... and this is a great one! Did you know that Pampers & Huggies both offer Rewards Programs for their diaper products? Did you also know that those rewards programs aren't just a waste of time? I was shocked when I talked to a Momma friend of mine who has FOUR little ones in diapers. She's been buying Pampers for years, but I had no idea about the Rewards program! She could have been earning all kinds of great prizes, but simply had no idea the option was available to her. This made me realize that maybe there were more Mommas out there who just didn't know about this great resource!

Okay, here's the lowdown. Pampers Rewards Program is called "Gifts to Grow" The codes are located on the inside of your diaper package or wipes container. Just copy down your code, head over to the site... enter the code and VOILA! You've got points! Now, you can redeem these points for prizes! Pamper's prizes range from diaper coupons to Shutterfly photo cards (Hello Christmas card order for this year!!) to great toys and books and even a Jeep Brand Stroller!!! They also offer special deals with their partners that are available only to Gifts to Grow members! I have redeemed several prizes since I've been using Gifts to Grow and I've never had an issue with receiving what I've redeemed.

Huggies Program, "Enjoy the Ride Rewards" is very similar to Pampers. The same way, you find codes on your diaper or wipes package, enter them on the site and then redeem them for prizes! However, Huggies also offers some different ways to earn points. You can earn points by referring someone, by watching Huggies commercials, or by visiting Huggies partnering websites. However, Huggies doesn't offer as wide of a variety of prizes. Their prizes change often though, so keep checking back to find what you really like!!! They offer music downloads, diaper coupons, and (my favorite right now!) a $100 Gap gift card. But unlike Pampers, they rotate their prizes so you'll see new prizes every so often, and old ones will be no longer available. Huggies also offers "Instant Win" games where you can risk your points to see if you won a prize. I've played about 10-15 Instant Win games, and I have won once. (Free movie tickets!!!)

Mommas, both of these programs are GREAT incentives and really can help you save you money. Even if you use your points for nothing other than redeeming them for diaper coupons, then you've saved yourself some money on something your family already buys by simply take a few minutes to enter the codes on line. If you dont' have time to do it right when you open your diaper package, just make sure you save the wrapping! I often will have collected tons of codes and just forget to enter them.. so then one day when I have some time, I'll enter them all at once!

If you already knew about these programs, don't hesitate to share a comment about why you love them!!


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