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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tip #4: The Couponizer: Save More than Money

<<This magic little book is worth every penny of it's $19.95 cover price. Believe me, in your first shopping trip with this amazing coupon organizer, you'll save more than that.

My first shopping trip after putting my Couponizer to work, I saved $62.33. Yes, friends. Simply by clipping the coupons that came in my Sunday paper and by following the Couponizers simple organizational tips, I saved $62.33 off of my grocery bill. That's pretty substantial if you ask me.

The Couponizer concept is really very simple. It's a book that organizes your coupons into simple sections. I have to admit... it's made me excited about clipping coupons. And, at least 5 people stop me at the store when they see me using it... and are amazed at how great it is.

The Couponizer also encourages you to track your results...because lets confess, saving money is addictive. And if you can look back and see how worth it it's been, then you'll persevere even when you don't feel like clipping coupons that week..

So grab yourself a Couponizer from, and subscribe to your local paper... and I guarantee you can save at least 40% off every week of grocery shopping WITHOUT putting in more than 20 minutes a week. (and that's an overestimation!)

Happy Saving!

**NOTE** remember, that clipping coupons will NOT save you money if you use the coupons to purchase items that you wouldn't buy otherwise. Don't buy something simply because you have a great coupon... only use coupons for the things that you already purchase. And if you have a name brand coupon, don't just grab the name brand... make sure that the generic brand isn't a better deal--even with your coupon***


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